Boarding is at the heart of Ashdown House.  It is overseen by the Headmaster and his wife who live, with their young family, in the centre of the school. 

The children sleep on 'landings' according to age and gender.  These landings are looked after by Houseparents and matrons with ‘gap’ students helping out in the evenings.  All of our houseparents and matrons are residential and are on call day and night.  We also have a resident nurse who is always on hand.

The children have staggered bedtimes according to age and evening activities often include swimming, board and/or card games, quizzes, arts and craft, cooking, with a film night on a Saturday. The younger children have a story read to them most evenings.    

The weekends are extremely busy, but are also great fun.  The children are free after sports commitments to take advantage of the Art, DT and IT Rooms or to play with their friends and staff arrange various activities in the evening.  

After Sunday Chapel, the children change into home clothes.  Four Sundays a term children are free to go out with their parents or friends for lunch, although on any given Sunday the majority remain in school to enjoy a delicious Sunday lunch and the many activities and outings we offer.