To stimulate, encourage and challenge the child whilst providing a kind, trusting home from home environment based on Christian values. With a strong belief in community, the child will be equipped to cope and succeed in the world beyond Ashdown.

To meet this aim, we need to:

  • Offer a broad and fulfilling education both academically and through a diverse and varied extra-curricular programme in order to promote pupil progress and achievement;
  • Provide outstanding teaching and learning opportunities within the classroom and beyond;
  • Provide outstanding coaching, care and guidance to ensure the development of pupils in all aspects of school life;
  • Encourage high standards of behaviour, conduct and courtesy to one another and promote a strong sense of community based on trust and kindness towards others;
  • Respect diversity in faith and culture, whilst adhering to the fundamental British Values or the rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance and mutual respect;
  • Build every child’s self-confidence and self-belief through praise, encouragement and equal opportunities in all aspects of school life;
  • Make school life an extension of all the positive aspects of home and family life;
  • Review and appraise the systems needed to keep up to date with current legislation and the needs of all members of the school community;
  • Communicate regularly and freely with parents and guardians to foster the spirit of partnership in the wider community.