3s' Trip to Pevensey Castle & Battle Abbey

3s' Trip to Battle Abbey
Today the 3s went on their history trip to Pevensey and Battle Abbey.  First, we went to Pevensey Castle where we explored the ruined medieval castle and gained an appreciation of the site where the 700 ships of the Norman invasion landed in 1066.  The pupils couldn't believe that the sea is now a mile further south of where it was in 1066 and that, at the time of the invasion, Pevensey stuck out into the sea on a narrow peninsula of land. 

Then we drove to Battle Abbey.  The pupils enjoyed an extremely interesting 'Discovery Tour' about the events of 1066 led by two English Heritage staff members.  The boys and girls got to dress up to play the parts of Edward the Confessor, Harold Godwinson, William of Normandy and Harald Hardrada.  They were able to handle chain mail, shields, swords and axes!  The tour finished with the pupils split into two 'armies' to reenact the Battle of Hastings.  Following our picnic lunch, we went to the exhibition centre to look around the interactive items, before watching a superb 10 minute film on the events of 1066.  Finally, we did a 40-minute charge around the battlefield, complete with a ten minute description of the events of the battle.  We stopped briefly at the point where King Harold is supposed to have been killed by Norman soldiers and then it was time to return to Ashdown.  Many thanks to Mr Hills and Mrs Gloster for all their help.   A hugely enjoyable day!  MH