Press release

Statement issued by The Cothill Educational Trust (April 2014):

Ashdown House is a thriving, successful, co-educational preparatory school that, since 2009, has been owned by The Cothill Educational Trust. Ashdown House has the highest standards of child care and safeguarding. It enjoys an enviable reputation of providing a happy, supportive and nurturing environment for its 135 pupils. The Trust has been given to understand that it may be the subject of legal proceedings relating to episodes of abuse said to have taken place between 30 and 40 years ago. The Trustees are deeply saddened about those matters and wish to do everything they can to assist any former pupil who has been affected. The Trust has not yet received a claim or any legal correspondence indicating that a claim is to be made and so is ignorant of exactly what is being alleged, and by whom. Ashdown House in 2003 received informal approaches from two former pupils. The school advised them that the matter should be reported to the police. The Trust's understanding is that that the allegations centre upon a former master who taught at the school in the 1970s before returning to South Africa, his native country. The Trust will of course assist in any enquiry in any way that it can, and expresses the deepest sympathy with any pupil involved.

Statement Issued by The Cothill Educational Trust (December 2013)

The Cothill Educational Trust, who became the owners of Ashdown House in 2009, are aware that the Sussex Police were officially informed in 2003 of an allegation of sexual abuse relating to a period in the mid 1970’s. We understood that the Police were dealing with the investigation.
The Trust would like it to be known that it takes its Safeguarding responsibilities very seriously indeed.