Saturday, 23 March 2019

Netball V Cottesmore
1st Team Lost 19-23 (PMc)

Cottesmore are an athletic team who have really keep us on our toes this season. We have had one win and three narrow defeats over the course of this season.
Today I was extremely proud of the Ashdown girls and the way in which they held their composure against the odds. It is a great testament to them that they continued to play their own style of netball and did it with good grace. They have learnt a valuable lesson
I look forward to spending time with my girls next season and seeing what they can achieve against their own age group.
MVP The Ashdown Girls!

2nd Team Lost 5-19 (KS)

On the 23rd of March, the 2nds girls played their final netball match for the Lent Term. Unfortunately the team finished their season with a loss to Cottesmore with the result being 19 - 5. The girls tried their hardest for all four quarters, even in the last quarter where they all got to choose their own positions for a bit of fun!

U11 Won 22-7 (VM) 

I could not be more proud of these lovely U11 girls after today’s astonishing performance against Cottesmore. A slow start to the first quarter saw us lead 4-1 after ten minutes; the sort of score that we might have expected given two relatively close matches already this season. In the second quarter, however, the girls absolutely dominated the court. With slick passing, excellent spacing and determined marking, we retained possession throughout. Tabitha and Florence couldn’t miss the net and after another ten minutes, we led 15-1! At half time, our strong centre court players swapped positions but this did little to even the score line. In the final quarter, Alisha moved into wing defence, Isabella played (and scored some wonderful goals) as goal shooter and Tabitha defended in the circle. We still performed well but Cottesmore managed to find some momentum and enjoyed greater success. A fantastic result with which to end a highly successful season of 12 victories in 17 matches.  Beatrice was nominated ‘most valuable player’ but in fact, all seven girls were exceptional today in their team work, skills and game understanding. Very well done to Mimosa, Tabitha, Elizabeth, Alisha, Isabella, Flo and Bea. 

U10 Lost 3-19 (LP)

After such a great match on Wednesday our hopes were high for a similar game. In terms of performance I thought the girls played well and put in so much effort, however it really wasn't our day. We were up against a very strong Cottesmore team. Even with more technical errors than the Ashdown team, Cottesmore were strong and often intercepted the ball to regain it if it went out of their possession. They had many amazing goal shooters, so even with a change around of players we were up against a huge challenge. It wasn't the ideal game to end the season on, however this game really showed the strengths of both Stephanie D and Indya. They didn't give up and played a great game, always reading what was coming up. Despite a big loss, the girls remained in high spirits at match tea! LP

Thursday, 21 March 2019

V Mead school

U8 = Won 15-12 (SH)
U9 = Won 8-3 (JS)



Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Netball v The Mead
U11 Won 14-12
U10/9/8 Drew 3-3

We had a fantastic match against The Mead School under 10 team today. It was a lovely afternoon and we felt very welcome at their school. As the match got underway we knew it was going to be tough, especially as the first quarter ended 2-0 to The Mead. The score at half time was 3-1 to The Mead which remained unchanged at the end of the third quarter. I spoke with the girls before the final quarter and we believed, as a team, they could still do very well. Going into the final six minutes of the match India scored a goal in her debut as goal shooter, which was followed up by Stephanie D's second of the match in the final two minutes to bring the score to 3-3. I was extremely proud of the girls, umpiring the most exciting game we have had this season. It is the first time I have really seen the girls fight for something they knew was in reach. I have huge admiration for the sportsmanship and support they showed to each other. All of the girls gave one hundred percent, however it was the improvement seen by some of our youngest players that was most impressive. Belle played exceptionally with Stephanie D when they were in the attacking circle, Florence was often seen flying through the air to make successful interceptions, and India was a star this week, showing a great talent for the position of goal shooter. They have all put themselves in the running for most improved player this season. I couldn't be happier for the girls, going into our final match on Saturday. LP

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Netball V Lancing and Cumnor
1st Team V Lancing Won 15-3
1st Team V Cumnor Lost 3-5

Today Tara took up the GA bib with no fuss whatsoever. She played superbly dodging with purpose and shooting accurately. Tara and Zadie quickly came to an understanding, within no time they looked as if had always played in the circle together. Zadie continues to impress with her long range shots.
Amalia took the WA bib. She came off the line for centre passes like a bullet and fed the circle superbly. Daisy was her usual electric self commanding the centre court and Nina played her best game of the season at WD.
Alisa and Ariel have now reached a very good understanding in the defending third and both made many tip-offs and interceptions to alter the run of play.
We had a superb victory against Lancing and a very close match against Cumnor losing by the narrowest of margins.
MVP Tara Pelling

2nd Team V Lancing Won 14-0 (KS)
2nd Team V Cumnor Won 8-7 (KS)

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

1st Netball Brambletye Versatility Report
3rd place

V Brambletye Lost 2-3
V Copthorne Won 3-4
V Handcross Park Won 5-1
Semi Final V Great Walstead Lost 3-10
As always this is a lovely tournament played in exactly the correct fashion. Each girl had a turn in every position during the course of the afternoon. Each different combination highlighted the strengths, of which there were many; and the weaknesses, of which there were few, of our players. We played superbly against Brambletye narrowly losing to the eventual winners by one goal scored in the dying seconds of the game. I was particularly impressed by Tara and Ariel who really showed their versatility today.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Netball V Ardingly
2nd Lost 7-15 (KS)
U11 Won 9-2 (VM)

This was an extremely pleasing result given that the wonderful Flo went down poorly an hour before the match. The girls really stepped up to demonstrate their versatility with Mimosa as goal attack, Elizabeth as wing attack and Lily as centre. We dominated in the first quarter with fast passing and some excellent interceptions by Bea. After eight minutes we led 4-0. Unfortunately, the second quarter was extremely scrappy from both teams. We gave away a number of passes, not learning from previous errors, and there was a lot of crowding in the centre court. As a result, neither team scored. At half time, we regained composure and the standard of play improved dramatically with greater control and skilful dodging especially around the circle. Alisha put Ardingly under some pressure in their attacking third. Elizabeth and Lily linked their passes brilliantly to support the shooters and the score progressed from 5-1 to the final result of 9-2. Tabitha was nominated ‘girl of the game’ for her excellent shooting and some wonderful interceptions on the line. She scored seven goals and Mimosa scored two. Well done U11s.
U10/9/8 Won 2-1 (LP)

Saturday, 09 March 2019

Netball V Windlesham House

1st Lost 11-23 (PMc)

Today the girls faced an extremely strong and efficient team. I was very proud to see them hold their shape and play their own game for the first half of the match. The third quarter became rather muddled and with a loss of shape panic set in. After a calming team talk we regrouped in the final quarter. This was a glorious swan song in which we managed to win 6-4.

MVP Giada Ferrario


2nd Lost 3-29  (KS)

U11 Won 10-2 (VM)

U11 Girls Netball vs Windlesham House
Won 10-2

This was our third match against Windlesham in just over a week and so we entered the fixture full of optimism. The first quarter was strong with dynamic passing moving forward and fantastic shooting by Florence and Tabitha. Windlesham picked up over the next two quarters but outstanding marking in the circle by Bea and Alisha limited Windlesham’s opportunities to score. Elizabeth also marked tightly to turn around the run of play. In the final quarter, we stretched our 6-2 led by another four goals. Bea was nominated ‘girl of the game’ and Flo was commended by the umpire for her excellent performance.

U10/9/8  Lost 6-11 (LP)


Friday, 08 March 2019

U11 Netball Pelican Cup
4th Place

Squad: Beatrice Y, Florence M, Mimosa B, Tabitha B, Lily B, Isabella D, Alisha H-P, Elizabeth H
V Brighton College Prep Drew 2-2
V Bedes Won 9-1
V Windlesham House Won 3-1
V St.Andrews Drew 2-2
V Brighton and Hove Lost 1-9
V Copthorne Lost 2-11
V St. Christopher’s Won 4-2
V Handcross Park Won 5-3
This sparky little squad played their collective socks off today. They won 4 matches, drew two and lost only two matches to the eventual 1st and 2nd placed teams. It was incredible to see first-hand how they have improved their netball skills over the course of the season. This was a really super team effort. Beatrice was awarded a mini netball as MVP today

Saturday, 02 March 2019

Netball V Worth

1st Won 19-7 (PMc)

We had a really lovely match this afternoon. Worth had a large squad all of whom improved enormously during the match. Zadie has come such a long way, she is now extremely proficient around the circle and her shooting is superb. Giada dominated the attacking third and used her split landing to great effect, Tara was always free timing her dodge to perfection and passing seamlessly into the circle. Amalia marked like a girl possessed, making incredible interceptions and distributing the ball with perfection. Nina marked her player out of the game thus breaking down the oppositions attacking moves. Daisy was extremely fast off the mark and made every pass count. Her movement off the ball created space for her team. Ariel has made the goal keeping position her own. She is now tight on her player to stop overheads and ready to reach for the interception.
This team improves on a daily basis.
MVP Tara
2nd Won 14-0 (KS)
3rd Won 10-5 (VM)

Friday, 01 March 2019

IAPS Regionals
Squad: Alisa Yi (Captain), Zadie Martin-Aplin, Giada Ferrario, Tara Pelling, Daisy Wang, Amalia Barraza Von Wedel, Nina Stone, Ariel Ji
6th In Section
V Sevenoaks Won 9-4
V Skipper’s Hill Lost 4-5
V Hazelwood Lost 7-11
V Brambletye Lost 2-9
V Windlesham House Lost 7-9
V Dulwich Won 15-5
V Cumnor House Lost 3-7
V St.Andrews Won 6-4
Playoff V Vinehall Lost 4-6

The girls were a delight today. As a mainly U12 team in an U13 tournament they showed enormous promise and great depth of character. Occasionally they allowed their inexperience at this level of netball to show, but overall they were magnificent. Their wins were convincing and spread throughout the day; they had five narrow defeats and just one game where they were outclassed by the section winners.
Grateful thanks to Kate who warmed the girls up prior to each match.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

U11 Netball Regionals
7th in Pool C

The U11 girls started their tournament in fine form with a 5-2 victory against Windlesham House. This was followed by closely fought games against St Andrews and Cottesmore; both lost by narrow margins. With their confidence knocked, the girls found it difficult to regain momentum especially as the weather conditions worsened. They were disappointed to finish 7th in Pool C as 5th place was within grasp. Beatrice, Florence and Mimosa made oustanding contributions to the side and all of the girls were a wonderful support to one another.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

U13 Lancing Tournament (PMc)
3rd in Section
V Lancing College Won 5-1
V Sompting Abbotts Won 4-3
V Dorset House Lost 3-4
V Belmont Won 8-0
V Warden Park Lost 1-6

The girls were on fire during their matches today. They played as a unit working together for the good of the team. On occasions the fact that they were mainly U12’s in an U13 tournament was clear due to the increased physicality of senior netball. However generally they overcame this by using their set pieces wisely. They were unlucky to lose to Dorset by one goal; this was the result that put them out of the playoffs. They can all be extremely pleased with their performance. A super warm up for Friday!

MVP The Ashdown 1st Team


Under 10 Netball vs Brambletye (LP)
Won 7:2
Lost 5:3
Brambletye bought a big group of Under 10/9/8 girls today so we played two matches of mixed teams.
The Ashdown Team: India, Belle, Stephanie.M, Indya, Isabella, Lily Mimosa, Scarlet, Florence.B, Katia, Daisy, Stephanie.D, Elizabeth.
Match 1:
The girls eased their way into the game making some good passes and had a couple of opportunities to shoot but didn't quite get the ball in. Brambletye scored one goal. The teams seemed well matched so we made no changes going into the second third. Then Ashdown came alive. They were passing well, getting into spaces and making some wonderful interceptions. This gave Stephanie and Mimosa more opportunities to shoot, scoring five in total. Brambletye scored one more goal leaving the score at 5:2 going into the final third. At this point we made some changes to the team. The final third was very well played by both teams. Ashdown scored two more goals, winning the match.
Match 2:
Brambletye made a very strong start going into this match scoring four goals in the first third. Ashdown stepped up going into the second third scoring three goals whilst Brambletye scored one more. In the final third there were no goals scored, leaving the final score at 5:3 to Brambletye.
We all had a lovely afternoon and there was a lot of fantastic play from all of the age groups. It was great for them to play together. I think all of our girls really stepped up today but I was particularly impressed with Elizabeth and India for their commitment to the game. Also worth a mention is Lily for her encouragement and sportsmanship towards all of the other players. LP

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Netball V Copthorne and Cottesmore

1st V Copthorne Won 11-10 (PMc)

1st V Cottesmore Lost 9-10 (PMc)

1st Netball Match Report
Zadie shot like a dream today and Giada moved incredibly well around the attacking third. Their movement around the circle is improving, but still needs some work.
Tara was fast off the line and timed her dodges well. Amalia took up the circle bib and played extremely well. We just need to work on her feeding into the circle. Nina marked with total determination and picked up many lose balls.
Ariel had the game of her life. It is incredible how far she has come in such a short time. Captain Alisa led her team by example making the most of every opportunity.
A lovely set of matches on a beautiful day!
MVP Alisa

2nd V Copthorne Won 3-2 (KS)

2nd V Cottesmore Lost 3-14 (KS)

U11 V Copthorne - Lost 4 - 19 (JL) 

U11 V Cottesmore - Lost 6 - 7 (JL)

On the 13th of February Ashdown went against both Copthorne and Cottesmore, playing two 8 minute halves against both sides. They first went against Copthorne, they battled through the game hard with Mimosa and Florence working well together with trying to keep the ball up Ashdowns side. Unfortunately the girls lost against Copthorne 19-4. In the second game they versed Cottesmore, the game was a lot closer with the girls working better as team in both defence and attack.The final score ended up being 6-7, Cottesmore winning. Overall the girls worked well together as a team and also had fun playing both matches.

U10/9/8 V Copthorne B Drew 2-2 (LP)

U10/9/8 V Copthorne A Lost 1-5 (LP)

U10/9/9 V Cottesmore Drew 1-1 (LP)

The girls were quite excited about their first quadrangular this afternoon and had lots of questions about how it would work!

First, we played Copthorne B team. They made a strong start scoring two goals in the first half. We then made a few switches and came back to score two as well. The match was well played by both teams. India played superbly as goal keeper in this match, often intercepting the ball.

In the second match we played Cottesmore, with one goal in the first half for them and one goal in the second half for us. I thought Florence played superbly in this match, defending and attacking well, playing as center for the first time.

For the last match we played against Copthorne A team. Copthorne scored three goals in the first half. We started strong in the second half, scoring quite early on, however Copthorne reacted to this and came back slightly stronger to score two more goals. Daisy was fantastic in this match, really trying her hardest to defend and gain possession of the ball.

It was a really fun afternoon, loved by all. I thought the girls played really well as a team. They enjoyed the fast pace of the games and some even competition. LP

Wednesday, 06 February 2019

1st VII Netball vs St Ronan's
Lost 27-17

From the whistle, it was clear that St Ronan's were going to bring a high level of skill and athleticism to the court but in the first eight minutes, possession was shared equally and Ashdown remained within one goal of the home side. Daisy, Tara and Giada were solid in attack and Alisa made some excellent interceptions as goal defence. As Saint Ronan's settled into the game however, Giada and Zadie found themselves blocked out of the circle and in the final two minutes of the first quarter, panic ensued. Careless passing and rushed shots at goal allowed Saint Ronan's to take control. Punished for every error, Saint Ronans marked brilliantly, tracking every player with determination and distrupting the flow of play. Over the second quarter they stretched their lead from 7-4 to 14-7. At half time, the 1sts were disappointed to have slipped behind but the team talk focused on the importance of mindset; of working hard to reverse the run of play, limit the goal difference and achieve at least 50% of the opposition’s total. The girls responded positively and the second half was much improved. Ariel’s distribution was more accurate and Nina thought carefully about her positioning so to free up Daisy in the centre third. Tara, Daisy, Giada and Zadie communicated brilliantly around the circle and used their speed to counter the physical advantage of the goal keeper. The fourth quarter was Ashdown’s strongest with Amalia snatching for every rebound and bringing a little more experience to the goalkeeping role. Ashdown lost the second half only 13-10. Giada was nominated ‘girl of the game’ and Daisy was also outstanding. Well done to the whole team for approaching each quarter with total determination.

U10 Netball vs St. Ronan's
Lost 7:4

Today's matched started out well for the St. Ronan's side. They had strong players in attack and did well to get the ball straight into the shooting circle. At the end of the first quarter the score was 3:0 to St. Ronan's. At that point we knew we had to work really hard to bring the score closer. We spoke about spreading out and not throwing the ball blind into a big group of people as this is where we often lost possession.

During the second quarter St. Ronan's scored another three goals and we scored one. Things were looking slightly up but there was a lot more work to be done. The girls responded well to having scored a goal and in the third quarter they scored three more with St. Ronan's not scoring any. The girls gave it their all going into the final quarter but didn't quite manage to score. St. Ronan's scored one more bringing the final score to 7:4 to St. Ronan's. I thought the girls played well and had some great passes to get the ball into our attacking end, however, we need to work on marking and holding positions. The girls need to remember to stay in their area of play, rather than getting on top of each other all in one area.

A great game, and one we have lots to work on moving forward. For me, player of the team for Ashdown goes to Indya. She had some super interceptions and continually marked her opposing player. LP


Saturday, 02 February 2019

Netball V Brambletye

1st Lost 6-21 (PMc)

This young but talented team were out gunned today by the older and more experienced girls from Brambletye. That said they learned a huge amount over the course of the match.
Zadie was impressive during her quarter as GK, but truly came into her own in the three quarters as GS. Her movement around the circle and desire for the ball ensured that she outwitted her defender. She also picked up many loose balls. Giada, although slightly under the weather made the most of every opportunity and shot accurately.
Tara was fast off the line at the centre pass and began to vary her passes into the circle which was a delight to see. Daisy found space and marked her player superbly well, forcing her to make errors. Amalia managed to make several important interceptions and passed the ball with great accuracy. Nina made some incredible tip offs to alter the run of play and has learned to get her balance prior to passing.
Alisa, although tiny compared to her opponent, marked superbly well and intercepted many balls. She made her opponents life on court quite challenging. Ariel has improved exponentially in a very short time. She is really beginning to fulfil the promise that was obvious from day one, less than a month ago.
We had two good quarters and two quarters where Brambletye were on a roll.
MVP Zadie MA

2nds Lost 2-11 ((KS/JL)
3rds Lost 1-22 (KS/JL)
U11 Won 8-5 (VM)

This was a closely fought match which could have gone either way. We started well but Brambletye improved throughout.

In the first third, we had a lot of momentum moving forward. The passing between Bea, Flo and Mimosa was excellent and Elizabeth worked hard to make herself available around the circle. A lack of pace in defence left us exposed but we managed to maintain a lead and in the second third, our defending was much stronger. Alisha made some good interceptions and Isabella tracked her player with determination. Having swapped positions, Brambletye brought an extra level of challenge in the circle but Flo and Tabitha read the game well. Both teams crowded the centre court limiting options but we managed to maintain a lead heading into the final phase. The last third was rather less exciting with few goals and shared possession ping ponging back and forth.

Beatrice was nominated ‘girl of the game’ for another outstanding performance as goals defence but as a spectator, this game was definitely ‘The Flo Show’ with eight wonderful goals and superb control in the attacking third.

U10/9/8 Drew 4-4 (LP)

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