Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Rounders V Copthorne

2nd Won 22½ - 11½

We were put in to bat first in this 30 good ball match. The girls had listened to instructions and followed them to the letter. We slowly built up an extremely good score of 12 rounders. Our first fielding innings was equally impressive. Alisa bowled well and Giada backstopped like a professional. Lucy, Teresa and Tracy had fantastically safe hands on 1st, 2nd and 4th posts. Amalia leapt about stopping every ball that came her way off 3rd post. Our deeps; Delilah, Sadie and Ines were alert and quickly got each ball back to the posts. Teresa caught out two and stumped out a further two batsman. Giada and Lucy dismissed two at 1st post; Giada caught out one player and Lucy dismissed another with great speed of reaction. Tracy also stumped a player at 4th post. With efficient fielding we held Copthorne to 4 rounders.
In the 2nd batting innings we scored a further 10½ rounders. Many positions were moved for the 2nd fielding innings. Giada and Alisa shared bowler and off 3rd; Delilah took on 1st post; Sadie played an efficient backstop; Nao became 4th post and Amalia, Elsa and Lucy became deeps. We dismissed most of Copthorne’s players, catches were taken by Giada X2, Alisa and Teresa and stumpings by Delilah and Teresa X3. Copthorne made 7½ rounders in this innings.
Top Batsmen today were Alisa 4½ , Giada 4, Amalia 3, Teresa 2 ½ , Delilah 2, Elsa and Lucy 1 apiece and Tracy and Ines ½ each.
MVP Batting Giada and Alisa, Fielding Teresa

U10/9/8 - Won 19.5 - 16

A high scoring game on a beautifully warm and sunny day. It was a delight to coach Miss Pugh's well-trained team this afternoon and they worked hard to secure a victory against a competent Copthorne side.

Ashdown opened the batting and Stephanie D was quick to score a rounder off the first ball. This strong start gave the team confidence and they made sensible decisions to slowly build a total. Copthorne used some mature tactics such as stumping out at first with a delivery from the backstop and stumping out at 3rd and 4th posts. The girls were quick to adapt and they maintained their concentration so to maximise on every opportunity. After thirty good-balls, Ashdown had scored 10 rounders. Ashdown's fielding was largely controlled by Stephanie D, Stephanie M, Indya and Bailey. The girls communicated brilliantly although, at times, they would have been wise to focus on stopping the live batsman. Copthorne managed to score 6 before being stumped all out at the box with one ball left.

The second innings followed very much the same but Copthorne were more powerful with the bat and thanks to two excellent players, they nearly doubled their total. Luckily, our fielders were also on super form and they attacked the innings with energy and determination. Accurate deliveries from Stephanie M to Indya at a backwards hit and some nifty footwork by Bailey proved crucial.

A close result in the end but a well-deserved victory for the U10/9/8 girls.

Batting statistics: Bailey 5.5, Stephanie D. 3, Indya 2.5, Stephanie M. 1.5, India B-B 1.5 and Belle 0.5.

Stephanie D was nominated batsman of the game for her brave running and Bailey was nominated fielder of the game for her AMAZING high catch.


Saturday, 18 May 2019

Rounders V Windlesham House

1st Won 24 – 14½

What a difference! Today the 1st team really showed what they could do on the fielding front. Zadie bowled magnificently and began to show movement within the post area. Tara backstopped superbly and controlled the game from her position. Ariel was slick and efficient on 1st post, moving well to the ball. Daisy was electric on 2nd post dropping nothing and stumping with speed. Teresa was alert and used her whole body to stop the ball; she then threw accurately to 2nd post. Nina made some very important fielding moves. Alisa took a catch out at 1st deep and almost made two others. Ines, in her debut for the 1st team was fabulous, moving well to the ball, fielding with determination and throwing accurately and with good distance. Michelle made many good saves and back up Teresa beautifully.
We put Windlesham in to bat and due to this great fielding limited them to 7½ rounders even though they were striking the ball well. We replied with 10½ rounders mainly off the bats of Zadie, Ariel and Michelle.
In their second innings Windlesham made a further 7 rounders. The final two by a lone batsman who took good advantage of some panic fielding by Ashdown.
This gave us a target of 4½ rounders to secure victory. In the team talk I reminded the girls that half rounders win matches and if each girl made one half we would be over the line. Therefore they were to make and keep half rounders until we had reached our initial target. Michelle achieved the final half rounder for us on the 21st ball of the innings. We still had half our batting time to go and so we began to take risks to increase our score. We ended the inning winning by 9 ½ rounders!
Top batsmen today were Zadie and Michelle 5 apiece, Ariel 4, Teresa 3½, Daisy 2½, Alisa and Ines 1½ each.
MVP Batting Zadie and Michelle, Fielding The Ashdown 1st Team

2nd Lost 6½ - 25 (KS/JL)

U11- Won 15-14.5

The girls maintained their composure despite testing weather conditions to snatch a victory against Windlesham House. Ashdown opened the batting and built the score cautiously. The girls were surprised by the efficiency of Windlesham’s backstop to 1st delivery; Florence and Bailey out off the first ball. Fortunately, Mimosa and Beatrice batted very well, placing the ball into gaps in the field and helping to bring the total to eight rounders after twelve minutes. In the field, the girls initially seemed out of practice and Windlesham looked dangerous with the bat. However, when the rain subsided, the U11s found their rhythm and they started to work efficiently to stop the scoring at second post. Windlesham lost confidence to stall at 5.5 rounders. In the second innings, the U11s found themselves under pressure. Hesitation at the posts saw four of the strongest batsmen out unnecessarily but Stephanie and Alisha took their chances in the final few minutes to score full rounders. Some no-ball halves and penalties for obstruction brought the total to seven - fifteen in all. Windlesham had a stronger second innings with the bat but they took too many risks and on the last ball, Alisha was able to stump them all out at the box. A thrilling finish and a result that could have gone either way.

Batting statistics: Beatrice 3, Mimosa 3, Stephanie 2, Florence 1, Alisha 1, Isabella 0.5.

The fielding statistics weren’t recorded in full due to wet weather conditions but well done to Bailey, Indya and Flo (x2) who each took superb catches.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Rounders V Moira House

U11 Won 12 ½ - 8 

U11/10/9/8 Lost 14 - 15

It was a glorious day for rounders today, just as the season should be! The girls were excited for their match and they all made sure to wear their new hoodies which they love. I did advise that they didn't play in them for fear of over heating but they were on before and straight after! The team played really well today but we came away with plenty to work on, including: reading the opposition players, holding the post when batting and making sure to run when the bowler has released the ball to clear the field for point scorers. During the first innings Ashdown batted first and scored five and a half with only one player being caught out. Moira House scored seven and a half with one player caught out and three players stumped out. Stephanie. M made a superb catch and even surprised herself when it happened. It was a super sporting moment for her. During the second innings Ashdown came back slightly stronger with a better idea of everyone's jobs as well as their own. They scored eight and a half with only three girls being stumped out. Moira House scored seven and half. Overall, it was a very successful match and the Ashdown team were the stronger fielders which was proven in their second innings when they got seven out of nine opposing players out. I think we have lots to look forward to over the coming season. LP

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Rounders V Skipper’s Hill

1st Lost 17 - 19 ½

Another really close fought game for our second match of the season. We won the toss and Skipper’s in to bat. They batted well scoring 7 rounders. Our fielding was rather inconsistent. We had flashes of brilliance followed by some rather dubious decisions. We dismissed four batsmen, super catches by Daisy and Tara, a lovely backstop to 1st post dismissal and a stumping at second post. During our first batting innings we began slowly due to some very fast bowling that put us on the back foot. Thanks to some good hits and sensible running we managed to put 8 ½ rounders on the score sheet. 

Skippers batted really well in their second innings and we went into total panic mode. They reached a score of 12 ½ rounders, but at least 6 of those were due to fielding errors on our part! Having said that we did dismiss two players backstop to 1st post and 3 were stumped out.
When we came back in to bat we equalled our score from the first innings, which left us 3 rounders short of victory.
Today’s score sheet: Giada, Tara and Zadie 3, Alisa 2½, Teresa 2, Nina 1 and Ariel ½
MVP Tara     (PMc)

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Rounders v Holmewood House

1st Won 26 ½ -m 24 ½

A really close fought game today. We won the toss and put Holmewood in to bat. They put 1½ rounders on the board in the first two balls. We soon realised that we needed to alter our fielding positions to attempt to keep them from scoring too vast a total. Over the course of this innings we managed to dismiss 5 of their players, Giada and Daisy each taking a superb catch. By the end of the innings Holmewood had made 13½ rounders.
We began our reply slowly. The girls followed the plan and over the course of the innings made 12 rounders to keep us in touch.
We fielded with more purpose in the second innings managing to dismiss 7 of the opposition, 4 were caught by Daisy, Amalia, Alisa and Zadie. Due to the tighter fielding we managed to restrict Holmewood to 11 in their second innings. This gave us a realistic chance to catch them.
Thanks to some fabulous batting by Giada, Tara and Daisy we reached and then overtook to win our first match of the season.
Today’s score sheet: Giada 6 ½, Daisy 5, Tara 3, Alisa 2½ Zadie and Ariel 2, Nina and Amalia 1, Sadie ½. Thus every girl had contributed
MVP Batting Giada and Fielding Daisy (PMcC)

2nd Lost 8 ½ - 20

The second team for the girls rounders started off the season with great effort and enthusiasm, even though the girls unfortunately lost the match to Holmewood House with the score 20 - 8.5. There were some brilliant catches throughout by Eva F, Lucy L and Ines M (fielder of the match). All the girls worked together well as a team, due to it being the first game of the session. All the girls had a go at batting, and all tried really hard to get as many rounders as possible. For the first game of the session the girls tried their best and the team is hoping to improve in different parts of the game through learning and practicing different skills. Overall is was a good and fun day for the girls.  (KS/JL)


U11/10 Won 14 ½ - 13

A superb start to the rounders season for the U11/10 girls. They opened the batting with confidence, scoring quickly off the first four balls. Building steadily throughout the innings, they tested the Holmewood deep fielders and maximized on opportunities to score. After thirty balls, Ashdown tallied 9 rounders. In the field, the girls were alert. Down to eight players due to an injury, it was hard to cover the spaces but Bea and Bailey worked hard to move in response to the ball. Early in the season, decision making is still developing and a few halves were given away in attempts to throw back to second, rather than stopping a fast approaching batsman at third or fourth. Nonetheless, Holmewood were held to six. In the second innings, the girls did not strike quite as powerfully but they still managed to score 5.5, largely thanks to Florence. The girls maintained their composure in the field and were delighted to emerge victorious.

Batting totals: Florence 6.5, Beatrice 3, Indya 1.5 and Isabella 1 (plus 2.5 in penalties)
Fielding statistics:1 x catch by Florence, 3 x stumped out at 2nd by Indya and 1 x stumped out at 3rd by Isabella.

Bailey was nominated girl of the game but well done to all nine girls.  (VM)

Sunday, 01 July 2018

The sun shone brightly for this year’s Mother-Daughter rounders and it was rather a sight to behold with the girls dressed in rainbow brights.  Fourteen 1s played in the match, batting and fielding for both victory and honour.  The Ashdown Mums' team comprised mums, dads, teachers, gappers, labradors and siblings with Old Ashdownians Frankie Lindsay, Mimi Allen and George Witheridge significantly strengthening the side. 

The girls opened the batting and some confusion in the field made it all too easy for them to score at second post.  Alice placed her hits skilfully behind first post and although Mr Witheridge was quick to retrieve the ball, she secured two convincing rounders. Miss Sophie and Miss Lily were tested in the deep field thanks to powerful hits by Irene, Mariana and Felicity.  After thirty balls, 12.5 had been totalled and the Ashdown Mums stepped in to bat. Frankie and Mrs Nolan were the stars of the batting line but Mr Halblander and Mr Witheridge grew in confidence as the innings progressed. A respectable 7½ at the break. 

The second innings followed much the same pattern but the girls batted even more strongly, finding spaces in the field and snatching halves.  Miss Sophie took a fantastic catch at second deep and Mrs Lindsay repeated the success at fourth but after two innings, the girls were on an impressive 27½ rounders. The Ashdown Mums couldn’t quite find their momentum. With Miss Sophie and Mrs Mason both out on the first ball, the team were under pressure. Mr Davies bravely stepped up to bat but he struggled to make contact and once again, the Mums relied on Frankie and Mrs Nolan.  The final result, 27½-17 was a fair reflection of the afternoon but with Mrs Witheridge having had such a lot of fun, she may well be calling for a rematch!   VM

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Saturday, 30th June
Rounders v Brambletye

1st Team Lost 16 – 20½ 
The girls appeared to be still on their surfboards during this match. Our fielding showed signs of brilliance and moments of concentration loss. We managed to keep Brambletye to 6½ rounders in their first batting innings; we very slowly amassed 5½ rounders in ours.

Brambletye had saved the big hits for their second innings. Here we actually did rather well to restrict them to scoring only 14 rounders. This left us a huge amount to achieve in our second innings. Losing Mariana, Adel and Georgie on their first ball was not the best start! Three of our best strikers gone! To also lose Irene after she failed to take a good strike on a no ball was the icing on the cake! The remaining players bravely played on and slowly made a reasonable total. However, the best was left till last. Felicity managed to make three full rounders after being left alone on the batting square. Sadly she ran out of balls at this stage! We had made 10½ rounders to finish second but with our heads held high.

Top ‘Batsmen’ today were Felicity 4½, Alisa 2½, Georgie and Nanaho 2, Maria and Emma 1½ and Irene ½.   ‘Man’ of the match Felicity    PMc

2nd Team Won 15 – 12½

I am so proud of the 2nd team today who played a brilliant game against Brambletye. The girls played extremely well and were well deserving of their win. The last few weeks have been difficult for the girls with some big losses, but today was all about their communication and smart play. The girls settled quickly into the game and proved their ability to fight back in the second innings. Our highest scorer of the match was Chloe with 3½ rounders. She was also exceptional at bowling only giving away 1 rounder in no balls. Our clear strength today was however our fielding. Overall the girls were quick, smart and focused with their fielding and this allowed them to get 12 players out across both innings. A special mention must go to the girls of the match who were Andrea for fielding and Anastasia for batting.
Nina and Issy stepped in to bat as our reserves and each scored 1 rounder, a valuable contribution to the team’s total score. Zene, who was the captain for the match, encouraged the girls very well, helping to keep them calm and controlled in both batting and fielding. Her efforts clearly showed her ability as a leader and as a senior member of the team. A special mention must also go to the other 1s’ girls in the team who today played their last match for Ashdown. Alice, Zene, Sarah, Andrea, Patricia and Anastasia played with great sophistication and confidence and will be greatly missed next year.
It was a wonderful way to end a season that has been filled with both ups and downs in equal measure. Congratulations to all the girls on their win today, what an exciting way to finish the year off!  LB

 U11 Team Won 31- 17 
Invictae! The U11A team are undefeated in the most successful rounders season of recent years. We approached the last match, against local rivals Brambletye, full of hope having defeated them in the IAPS tournament but without Giada and Felicity.  We made some substitutions and knew that we would have to be careful.

We opened the batting and hit the ball in the most glorious fashion. Rounder after rounder, half after half, it was our strongest performance of the term so far. After thirty balls, we had totaled 16½, a score more usually expected after two innings. In the field, we took a few minutes to find our rhythm and Brambletye scored some rounders early on after we fumbled the ball around first and second posts. We relaxed into the game and tightened up, limiting them to 9.

Our second batting innings was equally strong. We didn't quite double our score as Zadie, Daisy and Tara were each caught out but we still achieved a very respectable 14½. Brambletye too their chances but only made 8.

All nine girls contributed to today's batting total: Cristina 6, Clara 6, Tara 4, Daisy 3½, Zadie 3, Lucy 2½, Amalia 1, Sadie 1 and Tracy ½.

Tara took two catches and Lucy took one. In the first innings, Lucy stumped three girls at second, having received accurate passes from Zadie, Tara and Clara. In the second innings, she stumped four.

Cristina was nominated as 'batsman of the game' and Tara was nominated 'fielder of the game'.

It has been an absolute delight to coach this lovely group of girls and what a wonderfully successful season they have had.  VM

U10/9/8 Team Lost 17½ – 18
We had a lovely match against Brambletye this afternoon. Both teams were in good spirits and played superbly. In the first innings Ashdown scored 8 rounders, then Brambletye scored 9½ rounders. We knew it was going to be a close match and we had everything to play for! The second innings proved to be a very exciting one as Ashdown scored 9½ rounders. It all came down to the last innings, and in fact, the last ball. Brambletye were on 7½ rounders and had one ball left, which was sent into the deep field and a rounder scored! We couldn't have asked for a better matched team to play against for our last game of the season. They were very welcoming and we all had a fun afternoon. LP



Saturday, 23 June 2018

Saturday, 23rd June
Rounders v Cottesmore

1st IX     Lost 15 – 20½
The girls were not really on point today. We made rather a lot of errors gifting Cottesmore some easy rounders. They slowly grossed a total of 11 rounders during their first batting innings. During our first batting innings we initially jagged at the fast bowled ball, taking time to remember to use a smooth action. Eventually we began to strike the ball, but sent almost every one straight to a fielder. With some excellent deep fielding from Cottesmore, we were restricted to 5½ rounders.

In the second innings we fielded a little better, but by this time Cottesmore were striking the ball beautifully. They made a further 9½ rounders. With more thought put into our batting we matched their score this innings, but fell short of the required number of rounders due to the rather poor score in the first innings.
The totals from each player were very much down on our usual tally, Mariana 2½, Nanaho, Irene and Alisa 2 apiece, Adel and Felicity 1 each and Georgie ½.
Onwards and upwards next weekend for the final match of the season against local rivals Brambletye.  PMc

2nd IX    Lost   10 – 17½

U11 IX   Lost 18½ -14½
We lost the toss and went in to bat. Initially the batting was a little slow but with some good hits on the last few balls we scored a total of 6½ rounders. Our fielding started well, although some missed fielding enabled the opposition to build their score. Cottesmore continued to bat well making a total of 8 rounders. 

In the second batting innings the girls played better with some fantastic hits from Giada. We also took opportunities to score from some missed fielding. Cottesmore continued to bat well even though the girls fielded tightly.  

I know the girls were disappointed with their performance but they need to remember that they have played fantastically well throughout the season and to now focus on their next fixture. Well played.  AdeH

U10/9   Lost  11-16½
It was a great afternoon for rounders today. We had a bit of a sleepy start this week, maybe due to the heat. However, the girls made up the score so the gap wasn’t too big in the end. After the first innings the score was  3½ (AH) to 11 (Cottesmoe).

The girls all pulled it together in the last innings and were a much better team. There were two star players in the Ashdown team today. Indya for her incredible overarm throws from 1st deep to 4th post, and Florence for catching then stumping two players out in one swift movement!

Looking forward to our final match, we know we have to be really focussed right from the start. LP

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wednesday, 20th June

IAPS Rounders Tournaments at Holmewood House

1st Team 3rd
Section Matches 
v JKS Lost 9½ -10
v Hazelwood Won 13½ - 13
v Saint Ronan’s Won 10½ - 9
v Holmewood House B Won 14½ - 4½ 

v Holmewood House A Lost 8½ -12
The girls began a little slowly today and consequently, due to rather lacklustre fielding, lost their first match by half a rounder. This energised them and from that moment on they played superbly, winning the remainder of their section matches to come second in their section.

This put us into the semi-final against Holmewood. Here we fielded well but were jagged at the deliveries from a fast bowler rather than batting in a smooth fashion,. This meant that we underscored and consequently lost the match that we were more than capable of winning.

Our batting was shared between the entire squad.
Adel 10½ , Georgie 8½ , Mariana 6½ , Nanaho 6, Felicity, Maria and Irene 5½ each, Hannah 2, Alisa 1½ , Emma ½

We made many superb dismissals and every girl can be suitably proud of her contribution to a very successful day. I should like to commend the girls for their performance; the way they supported each other and above all the way they represented their school. PMc

U11 Team Runners Up
Group Matches
v Skipper’s Hill won 13-3
v Junior King’s won 9-5
v Brambletye won 9½-7

v Ardingly won 10-7½

v Derwent Lodge lost 7½-8

We came into this year’s IAPS tournament feeling confident, having been undefeated in matches this term, but we certainly didn’t expect to finish the day as runners-up! A calm but determined approach helped us to realise our potential. Losing to Derwent Lodge in the final by only a half rounder was disappointing but we were delighted to have been placed second overall in Kent and Sussex.

Every girl had a WOW moment during the day.

As U11 Captain, Tara controlled the field from her backstop position in a direct but encouraging manner. She demonstrated an excellent understanding of game tactics and she mentored our less experienced players very well indeed.

Clara’s highlight came in our first match, against Skipper’s Hill, when she directed her hits brilliantly to score a rounder off each of the three balls that she faced. This helped the whole team to make a strong start to the tournament, building confidence and self-belief. Throughout the afternoon, Clara’s fielding off third post was superb. She was the busiest fielder and she made very few fumbles. A wonderful display of natural sporting ability and quick decision making.

A late addition to the squad from the U10 team, Florence really impressed during training and the Skipper’s match confirmed just how deserving she was of a place in the tournament side. She scored two brilliant rounders and on walking off the pitch, she remarked ‘I didn’t know I could hit like that!’

Beatrice, Mimosa and Ana also joined the U11s from our U10A team. They learned so much from playing alongside the 3s’ girls and each of them contributed to the batting total.

Junior King’s were the team who we feared the most in the group stages. Known to be well trained and slick, all nine Ashdown players were under pressure to perform. Felicity was superbly consistent with her delivery of the ball and I was very proud of her when she faced some strict umpiring against JKS. She listened carefully to the umpire and adjusted her walking in for the remainder of the innings.

Amalia worked brilliantly with Tara to dismiss a number of strong players at first post. Her catching was secure and she gave our opponents no option but to connect with the ball.

Daisy was simply oustanding with the bat and in the field. She was so brave, taking a number of knocks in pursuit of the ball. Her finest moment was when she placed the ball deep behind first post to secure a crucial rounder in the final against DL.

Giada was our most consistent and highest scoring batsman. She seemed to find spaces just when it mattered the most and two stunning hits against Derwent Lodge in the final helped us to make it a great a contest.

Cristina’s shining moment came in the final when she made a superb catch at third deep to dismiss a strong batsman. She dived onto the grass in what can only be described as a ‘face-plant’ and as we all looked over in shock, she simply raised her head with a wide grin and held the ball high into the air. Our supporters erupted in applause! She also batted superbly against Brambletye. As the last remaining batsman, she scored a crucial rounder off the last ball to stretch our lead a little further.

Today’s batting totals: Giada 8, Florence 7, Cristina 7, Clara 6, Daisy 4½, Mimosa 4½, Tara 3, Beatrice 1½, Ana 1.

Well done to all of the U11 tournament squad and how lovely to be able to return to Ashdown with some silverware! Thank you to Holmewood House for our smart trophies! VM

Rounders v Moira House
2nd Team Lost 8 – 27½
The girls today played extremely well against a very strong team from Moira House. Although the score was not ideal, the girls played really well. A special mention must go to Alice and Teresa who were nominated girls of the match for batting and fielding respectively. Andrea and Anastasia, who have both joined the team this week, showed there talent and played exceptionally. Patricia was the highest scoring player of the team with 2½  rounders across both innings. She also played, along with Anastasia, Issy, Sarah and Andrea, at deep which was an extremely important role in a match with fantastic batters from Moira House. All the girls should be very proud of their effort today and know they played well against some very a tough opposition.

U10/9/8 Team Lost 8½ - 18½

Wednesday, 06 June 2018

Wednesday, 6th June

U11 Rounders Tournament at Lancing College

3rd out of 8 teams 

Group Stage
v Lancing Prep Hove won 10-2
v Handcross Park won 9-1
v Hoe Bridge lost 4-5

v Windlesham lost 2.5-6.5
3rd/4th Play Off 
v Lancing Prep Worthing won 9-0.5 

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of rounders under the warm sun and with a stunning view of the Lancing College Chapel. The U11 girls played brilliantly and they were very deserving of 3rd place.  

We were drawn in Group A and our first match was against Lancing Prep Hove.  We dominated throughout the fielding innings, holding our opponents to only 2 rounders and dismissing the whole team with time to spare.  Tara and Felicity each took an excellent catch. 

With the bat, we were under no pressure and the girls enjoyed the opportunity to take some risks without impacting on the team. Cristina’s batting was particularly impressive; she scored off every ball. We won this game 10-2. 

Our second match was against Handcross Park.  Felicity bowled faultlessly and Handcross couldn’t break through the tight barrier formed by Clara, Giada, Cristina and Zadie. The pass from Tara to Amalia exposed Handcross’ weaker batsmen and once again, we dismissed our opponents with time to spare, holding them to only 1 rounder.  The girls celebrated by taking full advantage of every opportunity to score. Giada, Cristina, Beatrice and Mimosa each scored a rounder off their first balls. We won 9-1 after eight minutes. 

In our third group match, we lost the toss and were asked to bat first against Hoe Bridge. They were a slick fielding team who played very deep to make it almost impossible to find a way through. Our batting innings was dramatic. With Giada, Clara, Beatrice and Ana out off the first ball, and Cristina and Mimosa out off the second, options were limited. Tara and Daisy held it all together, running quickly and bravely to drag the innings out as long as possible. They were dismissed with 45 seconds to spare after a sterling effort. Luckily, Hoe Bridge weren’t as strong with the bat and two excellent catches by Daisy forced them to run caustiously. They slowly built a total and we were defeated by one rounder with a 4-5 end result. Had we fielded first, this game could have gone the other way. 

Having come second in Group A we then faced the winners of Group B, Windlesham. A little deflated, we struggled to make an impact with the bat, again losing five players in quick succession. We fielded well but Windlesham’s placement of the ball was superb and they found spaces behind first post and behind fourth post. We lost this game 2.5-6.5. 

With Hoe Bridge and Windlesham fighting it out in the final, our last game was a play-off for 3rd against Lancing Prep Worthing and we were clearly the stronger team. We dismissed Lancing with time to spare and they only scored a half, from two consecutive no-balls. The final eight minutes was a delight to watch. Zadie, Tara and Daisy scored two rounders each with lots of risky halves snatched at second.  A convincing 9-0.5 win to come third overall in the tournament. 

Batting totals: Daisy 6.5, Cristina 6, Beatrice 4, Tara 3.5, Mimosa 3, Giada 2, Clara 2, Zadie 2, Ana 1,  Lucy 0.5. 

Daisy was undoubtedly the girl of the tournament. After the first match, she played on second post and she was incredibly focused and commanding. Her movement and catching really stood out. Her batting was outstanding all afternoon and she contributed hugely to our success. Well done also to Bea Ana and Mimosa, U10s who were selected for this U11 squad. They really stepped up! 

We’ll now look forward to the IAPS tournament later in June.   VM

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Wednesday, 30th May

Rounders V Cottesmore
1st Won 21 - 16 
We lost the toss and were put in to bat. Things did not go to plan at the outset with Adel and Mariana dismissed by some slick fielding in the first three balls for no rounders. After 10 balls we had still scored only 1½ rounders due partly to good fielding and partly to less good ball striking. Eventually the rounders began to come and we managed a respectable score of 14 rounders.

Our fielding was sound in the first innings and we restricted some great batting by Cottesmore to 9½ rounders. Felicity and Georgie were electric dismissing 6 players between them!

Rounders were again hard to come by in the second innings, but we slowly amassed a total of 7 rounders. Again we fielded well and restricted Cottesmore to 6½ giving us the victory.

Top ‘batsmen’ today were Alisa 6½, Georgie 4½, Nanaho 3½, Felicity 2, Irene, Maria and Nanaho 1 apiece and Adel ½..  'Man’ of the match Alisa (batting) and Georgie and Felicity (fielding).  PMc

2nd Lost 3½ - 19½ 
The 2nd rounders team had a challenging match against a very strong Cottersmore side. Though the girls worked hard, they struggled to capitalise on many scoring opportunities. They did do well to hang on at the end of the first innings, having three girls left in and rounding the posts scoring half rounders. In the second innings, there were some brilliant fielding moments with some long throws and even some catches to get a few of the Cottersmore players out, unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to stem the flow of rounders from the opposition. It's left us lots to work on for our next match. You can do it, girls!  AG

U11 Won 19 -12 
The first innings of this afternoon’s match felt a little flat as we didn’t attack the game as confidently as we did against Copthorne. Our fielding was neat but a lack of communication led to some missed opportunities. We managed to hold our opponents to 4½ but, despite hitting into the deep field, we were tentative and only scored 7. Clara and Cristina were both caught out which impacted on our ability to build the score in the final few balls. At the break, our lead wasn’t as strong as we might have hoped.

The second innings was more energetic and the girls really pushed themselves. Cottesmore improved with the bat but we fielded tightly. Zadie, Cristina, Giada and Clara made some confident stops. Tara and Amalia absolutely mastered the backstop to first post pass to stump five girls out (plus two in the first innings) and Tara made a confident catch behind. Our batting was also more bold and knowing that we had to score 5½ for the win, the girls played tactically, gently accumulating half rounders.

Batting totals for the day: Daisy 3½, Tara 3, Cristina 2½, Zadie 2, Clara 1½, Giada 1.

Tara was nominated ‘batsman of the game’ and Lucy was nominated ‘fielder of the game’. For me, Felicity was also excellent in the field. She bowled very consistently and she gifted Cottesmore very few halves.

We now have a week off ahead of the U11 tournament at Lancing. Unbeaten thus far, we are hoping for a successful afternoon.  VM

U10/9 Drew 6-6
The first innings was not our greatest this week, scoring only 1 rounder and Cottesmore scoring 3. The rounder was scored by Bea who stood out among the team. Play did pick up in the second innings for both teams. Mimosa regained her spark and scored each time she batted, achieving a total of 3½ rounders. Lily scored her first rounder in a match, and Ana added the last half rounder which was crucial for the final score. Cottesmore continued to fight back scoring another three rounders to bring the game to a tie. The fielding performance of the Ashdown girls is usually very smooth and successful. It was evident today that this is still the case, however to progress further they need to be able to hit the ball further. Between now and our next game this is something we will work on.   LP

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wednesday, 23rd May
Rounders v Copthorne

1st X    Won 27-11
We won the toss and fielded first, having agreed to bat and field all ten players. We looked set for a real battle when Copthorne struck a fantastic hit off the first ball to claim their first rounder. They continued to strike well, but our fielding was slick and we stopped all possible scoring attempts. Felicity was bowling superbly; Emma is a great find for backstop; Georgie was electric on first post; Mariana proved herself to have very safe hands on second; Irene took two catches off third and the deeps moved well and threw with speed, distance and accuracy. We limited Copthorne to 7 rounders and got the last batsman out with one ball to spare.

In our first batting innings we made 11½, Maria and Emma taking two apiece.
I had thought we fielded well in the first innings, but it was nothing compared to the second. We dismissed the team with eleven balls remaining. The triangle took 8 players between them; 4 Emma to Georgie; 2 Felicity to Georgie and 2 caught behind by Emma. The other two were caught by Alisa at 4th post. The deeps again worked wonders, well done Nanaho, Adel, Maria and Hannah!

Having already won the match by an innings we batted for a second time scoring 15½ rounders.

All made the score sheet Adel 4; Nanaho 3½, Felicity and Emma 3 each; Georgie and Alisa 2½ apiece; Maria and Mariana each scored 2 and Irene and Hannah ½ each.
‘Man’ of the match Emma fielding and the Ashdown 1st team for great batting and running around the posts!  PMc

2nd IX  Won 18½  - 11½ 

U11 IX     Won 25-18
We opened the batting against Copthorne and it was a stellar performance from the U11 girls. Some seriously impressive hits by Giada, Cristina and Daisy shook the fielders and over the innings we maximised on every no ball to steal a number of halves. We also fielded tightly in the first innings, reducing Copthorne to three batsmen with Lucy stumping four at second, Amalia stumping one at first and Zadie taking a brave catch. At half time, we led 12½ -5½.

The second innings didn’t go quite as well but we still played solidly. We batted consistently but Copthorne changed their tactics and stumped five of our team out at first post to put us under some pressure. We were a little too hesitant out of the box - something to bear in mind for next time. Copthorne’s batting also improved and some fielding errors off fourth post helped them to convert to full rounders. Luckily, Tara and Lucy took two crucial catches to dismiss strong players. In the end, Copthorne had too much to make up and so we managed to maintain our lead.

Batting totals: Giada 7, Clara 3, Cristina 3, Felicity 2½, Daisy 2½, Zadie 1½, Tara 1.

Giada was voted ‘batsman of the match’ and Lucy was nominated ‘fielder of the match’.  VM

U10/9 IX   Lost 11-12
The girls played a steady game of rounders today with many ups and a few downs from which they have learnt a lot.

The first fielding quarter was not our strongest. The girls' catching was not always accurate and the passing was not always on target. However Mimosa did make two spectacular catches to get two of the Copthorne team out.

The second fielding innings was much tighter. The Copthorne team was unable to score for the first 15 balls due to quick reactions from the Ashdown girls. Ana, Indya, Stephanie and Isabella covered the deep field while Bea and Florence worked as a great team passing from backstop to second. Kitty made an excellent catch and passed the ball quickly to second post thus preventing the Copthorne team from scoring. Tabitha also had a great innings stumping out a player at first post.

Mimosa scored the most rounders today with a total of 3½. Others to score whole rounders were Indya and Bea.  Well done to the team, it was a good learning curve but also highlighted many strengths too.   LP

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Saturday, 19th May

Rounders v Benenden   Lost 30-31½
A somewhat altered team stepped out to play Benenden today, five of the team were singing at an OA wedding. (Very best wishes to Clare Pelly, who I remember well. and her husband!)

Our fielding was tight in the first innings and we managed to keep Benenden down to 15 rounders. They were a superb team of ball strikers. We struggled to bat in the first innings due to the huge number of no-balls that we were bowled gifting us an enormous number of half rounders, but making batting consistency impossible. We scored quite well making 9 rounders, but no-balls were the highest scorer.

The strike force of Benenden was undiminished in the second innings and they again scored well, making 16½ rounders.  In their second fielding innings Benenden changed their bowler and although we made a further 9 rounders we were gifted only one in no-balls. Thus after a well fought match we fell two rounders short of a win! A great game of rounders to watch!

The entire team made a scoring contribution today. Adel 4½, Maria 4, Irene 2, Nanaho, Cristina, Emma, and Patricia 1½ apiece, Teresa 1 and Clara ½.
‘Man of the Match’ Emma Kojima   PMc

2nd VII
In the first innings, our fielding was very slick. Benenden could not find the spaces between Zene, Zadie and Amalia as the girls moved well and made effective use of the long barrier. Alice's bowling was superb and she controlled the game from the bowler's box. Daisy stumped five girls out at second post and she also took a catch. Sarah stumped one girl out at first post having received a quick pass from Alice and Lucy stumped one girl out at fourth. We held Benenden to four rounders. With the bat, we played sensibly, slowly building the score without taking unnecessary risks and we tallied eleven at the break.

In the second innings, Benenden came out strongly and rather took us by surprise. We struggled to concentrate in the heat and there were some poor decisions which focused on stumping girls out rather than stopping the score. Sarah communicated brilliantly with the team, moving Tracy to behind first post and coaching Nina at backstop. Her gentle instruction helped the girls to get back on track. Daisy stumped four girls out at second, Sarah stumped one at first and Lucy stumped one at fourth. Alice and Amalia each took a catch; Amalia's was muse excellent - a high ball deep behind third post. Our batting was solid and we made sure to secure at least the five rounders needed for the win.

Batting totals: Daisy 3, Ana 2, Alice 1½ , Nina 1½, Sarah 1½, Zene 1½, Zadie 1 and Tracy ½.

Daisy was nominated fielder of the game and Ana was nominated batsman of the game.  VM  

Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Wednesday, 9th May
Rounders v St Andrew's

1st IX  Won 25½ - 22½

The girls pulled out all the stops today to as a mark of respect for Mr Hogue.

They fielded first, restricting powerful batting opponents to 11 rounders. We then took up our bats. Mariana set the tone with a superb rounder off the first ball. The rounders then came thick and fast as we took the lead after the first innings with 14½.
Then came the task of continuing to field with efficiency. We decided to gift a few half rounders rather than risk full ones. This worked well and kept the score to 11½ (22½ in total.)

Therefore we needed to score 8½ rounders in our second innings to secure a win. Adel took a superb rounder on the second ball, which again set the tone. On the twenty-first ball Alisa (our new recruit) made an incredible strike to reach our required total. With seven balls left we managed another 2½ rounders to extend our dominance.

Every girl made it onto the score sheet today. Felicity and Alisa - 5 apiece; Georgie -3½; Maria and Nanaho 2 each; Adel and Irene each scored 2; Hannah 1½ and Mariana the vital first rounder. ‘Man’ of the match Felicity Harrison. PMc

2nd IX  Won 12½ - 9
The 2nds Rounders team had an excellent win against St Andrew's Prep. The girls started off aggressively with Patricia dominating the batting, scoring 2½ rounders in the first inning. Emma, Chloe and Alice all also got on the board as well. After a positive start, we headed out to field. Chloe was steady as bowler with Ines as backstop. Though we had some super moments, our fielding errors held us back, sending us into the break down by two rounders. During our team talk, we focused on clearing space for our runners and pushing for the extra half rounders when batting. On the fielding side, I wanted the girls to clean up their decision-making and support each other in every position. I couldn't be prouder of the way the girls played in the second innings. Six different players managed to score when we were batting and, in the field, we really cleaned up our act. Alejandra had a storming second inning, scoring 1½ rounders and catching two players out. Sarah also scored 1½ rounders and Theresa put two rounders on the board. Zene ended our batting with a stunning rounder on the last ball! On the whole, it was an outstanding team effort. Well done, girls and bring on Saturday's match!  AG

U11 IX  Won 17½ - 10
On this gloriously sunny afternoon, the U11 girls performed solidly against St Andrews.  We fielded first and held our opponents to only 3½ rounders.  Tara and Felicity controlled the game beautifully and the deep fielders were not daunted by some powerful hits. Both Clara and Cristina made brave stops off third post, Zadie took two confident catches behind fourth post and Giada secured an outstanding catch in the deep field to help reduce St Andrews batting line.  In fact, most of our fielders enjoyed stumping success with Daisy, Cristina and Lucy (x2) all making an impact with quick hands on the posts. St Andrews could probably have taken a few more chances towards the end of their batting innings, but instead they remained cautious. With the bat, we were consistent and the girls followed advice; to build slowly until the final few balls. Giada and Cristina both impressed with rounders off their first ball but our total was spread amongst the team which confirms that these girls are a talented bunch with lots of potential.  Zadie and Cristina were both caught out fairly early on however, and so direction is something to work on.  At half time, we led 8-3½

The second innings was much the same, although St Andrews were definitely more gutsy round the posts.  We felt a little under pressure when Felicity's composure started to be affected by the warm weather, but she managed to refocus and some superb teamwork limited St Andrew's opportunities once again.  Lucy stumped four girls out at second post, Cristina stumped one at third, Felicity took a catch and the highlight of this innings was an incredible take by Clara in the deep field. A rival to Giada's stunning effort earlier in the game.  Coming into bat, the girls could be fairly sure of a victory but early departures by Cristina (caught), Mary and Zadie (first post) left our batting line a little depleted. The girls responded well and with lots of communication, maximised on their opportunities to score.  

Batting Totals: Clara 3, Giada 3, Lucy 2½, Tara 2½, Daisy 1½, Felicity 1, Cristina 1, Mary ½

Giada was nominated 'batter of the game' and Lucy was nominated 'fielder of the game'. Very well deserved.

This lovely group of girls feel a huge sense of loss after the events of this week but as the sun shone down on our rounders pitch today, we felt certain that Mr Hogue would have been immensely proud of our success.  He will be forever missed.  VM 

U/10 XI    Won 12½ - 9½
Squad: Mimosa, Bea, Kitty, Florence, Isabella, Tabitha, Ana, Lily, Stephanie, Indya.

We finally got to play our second rounders match of the season after a rainy couple of weeks! It was a beautiful afternoon for the match and well played by both teams. Ashdown got off to a slightly stronger first half, winning the innings 7½-3½. St Andrew's had a much stronger second half in their batting innings. With some excellent hits, they won the round 6-5.

Overall it was a great win for Ashdown whose fielding was consistently good throughout, only missing a couple of catches. Mimosa bowled really well, not giving away any half-rounders. Ana and Stephanie also stood out today. Their deep fielding was superb and stopped a few half-rounders becoming full rounders. A huge well done to the whole team, their spirits were lifted with the win. LP

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wednesday, 25th April

Rounders v Imberhorne
1st  IX   Won 27-10
April showers prior to the match put the fixture in jeopardy, however they cleared in time! We batted first during this 30 good ball game. Adel set the tone on the second ball striking so well that it was a guaranteed rounder. With some great strikes we put 12½ rounders on the scoreboard by the end of the innings. Our fielding was quite sharp, although Irene and Maria faced the most balls. Irene fielded those well to stop the ball and get it to 2nd post to dismiss four batsmen, catch one outright, field and stump one and send one to Felicity who had efficiently moved on to 3rd post to receive the ball. Maria sent several accurate throws from 1st deep to stop many rounders. Felicity fielded well at bowler sending bullets for Georgie to stump at 1st post.

In the 2nd innings we scored 14½ rounders, which almost certainly put the match out of Imberhorne’s reach. In this innings we began to think about our running around the post and our use of no-balls. Our fielding was again superb. Adel made some great throws. Felicity caught out one player and stopped the ball and passed accurately to Georgie to stump out three batsmen at 1st post. Nanaho took a superb catch at backstop and the deeps sent two passes to Mariana to dismiss two players at 2nd post. This kept Imberhorne’s score for the innings down to 5 rounders.

Top scorers for the day were Felicity 6½, Adel 5, Nanaho 4, Mariana 3, Irene 2½, Georgie and Maria 2 apiece, Chloe 1 and Hannah ½ .

A superb first game of the season.  ‘Man’ of the match batting Felicity and Adel, Fielding Felicity, Irene and Maria    PMc

Rounders v Ardingly
2nd IX   Won 24-6

The 2nds had a challenging first rounders match against Ardingly on a breezy Wednesday afternoon. We started off slow and steady, batting first and getting into the swing of things. We really spread out the 1/2 rounders, with eight different players scoring for the team. Teresa stood out with an outstanding rounder on her last hit of the innings. Fielding, the girls had some super catches and were able to get three players out in the first innings and eight players out in the second innings. As we look towards our next match, we will continue to work on our long throws and our decision making in the field and more aggressive running when we're batting. Well done for keeping your spirits up girls!  AG

Under 10/9         Won 13½ -5½ 
Today's team: Bea, Mimosa, Florence, Indya, Isabella, Ana, Alisha, Bailey, Belle, Daisy.

Thankfully the afternoon stayed dry for what was a great first match of the season for the under 10 team. The scores today came from Bea, Mimosa, Florence, Isabella, Ana and Indya. They hit some excellent balls far out into the field which allowed them to run that little bit further, mainly scoring half-rounders. In the first innings three of the girls were run out by their own team members. After talking about the need to watch the bowler and run as soon as they've bowled, this did not happen again and the second innings was a lot more successful.

As a fielding team they all worked really well together, getting better at communicating with each other throughtout the game. Belle worked really well on 1st post, quickly collecting the ball and passing it on. Bailey was an active member of the team around 3rd post, getting a few people out. Alisha was a super support between 1st and 2nd post, ensuring the ball was going smoothly between them. Daisy was a great back up for backwards hits and always knew which position she should be in. Overall a very successful start to the season. Well done all of the team. LP

Rounders v Burgess Hill

U11    Won 10½ - 5½
A chilly start to the rounders season but, despite the slippery conditions, the U11 girls performed brilliantly against Burgess Hill.  Every girl had the chance to bat and field today and so our teams differed in each innings.  This didn't seem to unsettle things - everyone stepped up. 

1st Innings - Won 5-3 

Tara, Giada, Clara, Lucy, Eva, Tracy, Sadie, Zadie and Maudie

We fielded first and made a strong start.  After some ambitious attempts at stumping girls out, Zadie realised the importance of stopping our opponents from reaching 2nd post and, together with Giada and Clara, she was quick to retrieve every ball.  Maudie and Eva worked hard to back up the posts but, in this innings, our deep fielders weren't really tested.  Zadie and Tara both took a catch.  With the bat, this group was steady and sensible.  They could have taken some more risks in the final few balls but it was a pleasing start to the season with some powerful hits by Clara, Zadie, Giada and Tara. 

2nd Innings - Won 5½-2½

Tara, Giada, Clara, Lucy, Felicity, Cristina, Mary, Daisy and Amalia 

The second innings was just as successful as the first.  Felicity's bowling was superb.  Giada stumped three girls out at 2nd and Cristina stumped one at 3rd.  Amalia took a catch. With the bat, we were a little more gutsy as, with only half a rounder difference, we could be fairly sure of a victory.  

Batting totals for the day:  Giada 2, Clara 1½, Zadie 1, Cristina 1, Tracy ½, Lucy ½, Daisy ½, Tara ½

Giada was nominated 'batter of the game' and Felicity was nominate 'fielder of the game'.    VM



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