Monday, 13 May 2019

Swimming Gala V St. Ronan’s

St. Ronan’s B 120

St. Ronan’s A 118

Ashdown A 115

Ashdown B 51

It is always a delight to host St.Ronan’s. It was a really super gala. Every swimmer gave of their very best.

Ashdown’s individual swimmers broke 17 personal best times out of a possible 38 with the rest coming very close to their times.

Race winners today were:-

U10 IM Harvey Nolan

U9 Backstoke Rafe Boyes Burrough

U11 Backstroke Beatrice Yorke

U11 Breaststroke Tabitha Brewer

U9 Butterfly India Boyes Burrough

U10 Frontcrawl Harvey Nolan

U9 Medley Relay Team  (Rafe BB, Torsten T, India BB, Freddie D)

U12 medley Relay Team (Zadie MA, Ines G, Tara P, Miro W)

U10 Frontcrawl Relay Team (Nemo W, Mimosa B, Stephanie D, Harvey N)

A huge thank you to Chris Clarke (Team Manager), Miss Kate (Scorer) and Louise Pugh (Starter and place judge)

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Swimming V Cottesmore
Cottesmore A 78
Ashdown A 60
Cottesmore B 25
Ashdown B 15
Today’s gala was U13 and U12 only. Sadly we were missing five U13’s and 2 U12’s from our teams. Consequently we only swam an A team for the U13’s, but managed to swim both A and B teams for the U12’s. Thank you to Alex R for stepping in.

Race winners today were Ines G (IM), Zadie MA (BK), Kent H (BK), and Miro W (FC).
Personal best times were beaten by Miles H and Miro W (FC), Tom C and Ines G (BR), Zadie MA (BK), Giada F and Tara P (FLY), Alex R and Ines G (IM).
This was a delightful gala swum beautifully by all!
Grateful thanks goes to Charlie Stanton our Starter, Chris Clarke our Team Manager and Jade our scorer.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Swimming Match V Cottesmore
U9:- Rafe BB, India BB, Torsten T, Freddie D, Katia F, Anthony S, Charlie F, Bailey E, Flo B
U10:- Paul HP, George FK, Mimosa B, Harvey N, Nemo W, Kit C, Indya E, Stephanie D
U11:- Arty BB, Tabitha B, Alisha HP, Bea Y, Monty D, Miles H, Hunter E, Harrison McC

Result in Teams
Cottesmore A 103
Ashdown House A 102
Ashdown House B 60
Cottesmore B 36

Result In Schools
Ashdown House 162
Cottesmore 139

We seem to have a theme running through our swimming galas, one school’s A team comes first and the other school wins overall! This was an extremely close team swim with only one point separating the ‘A’ teams. We have never had so many supporters; more than 20 parents braved the heat to cheer on their intrepid children!

Race winners were:-
U9:- India BB (BK and FLY) and the U9 F/C relay team.
U10:- Harvey N (IM and F/C), Paul HP (BK), Stephanie D (FLY) and the U10 Medley and F/C relay teams.
U11:- Bea Y(BK)
Personal Bests were beaten by 23 out of 28 individual swimmers

Huge thanks to Alex D (Swimming captain) and Alex R for helping the juniors today and also to Chris Clarke (Manager), Charlie Stanton (Starter/Place judge) and Will Koops (Scorer)


Thursday, 06 December 2018

Swimming V Cottesmore
Ashdown A 77
Cottesmore A 69
Cottesmore B 50
Ashdown B 27

Total = Cottesmore 119
Ashdown House 104
Race Winners
Individual Medley Ines G and Alex D
Backstroke Jim W
Breaststroke Alex D
Butterfly Jim W
Frontcrawl Alex D
Medley Relay U13
Frontcrawl relay U13

Personal Best Breakers
U13 Alex D X2, Alex R, Jim W X2, Nina S, Dahiru W, Kent H
U12 Khamlel A, Ines G X2, Giada F, Tara P X2, Lucy L X2

Another super gala!
The children all swam beautifully as can be seen by the fact that 16 out of 20 personal bests were broken. Again our A team were victorious, but when the teams were mixed we came second, in part due to many of the B team being off swimming.
Alex D broke his fourth School record of the term, the Individual Medley. This leaves him the front crawl to secure.
Thanks to Chris Clarke, Charlie Stanton and Miss Sophie for helping run the Gala.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Swimming Gala V St.Ronan’s

Ashdown A 144

St. Ronan’s B 125

St. Ronan’s A 100

Ashdown B 73

Scores added together:-

St. Ronan’s 225

Ashdown 217

A really fantastic afternoon’s swimming by all the children from both schools! Every race was slick and exciting. Grateful thanks goes to Charlie Stanton, our starter and place judge, Lily Bennett for scoring and recording the times and especially to Chris Clarke for juggling the children into position like a professional!

Ashdown’s children covered themselves in glory. The A team reigned supreme and the B team swam their hearts out. Thirty out of a possible forty ‘Personal Best’s’ were broken.

The winners of races were:-

Individual Medley: - Harvey, Ines and Alex

Backstroke: - Paul and Kent

Breaststroke: - Mimosa, Tabitha and Alex

Butterfly: - Florence and Jim

Frontcrawl: - Dahiru

Medley relay: - U11A, U13A

Frontcrawl relay: - U10A, U11A, U13A

Perhaps the most incredible feat was that of Alex: having broken two long standing School Records in training this week, he bagged a third during this gala. The new Ashdown Breaststroke School Record is 25.44 seconds.


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Swimming v Cottesmore

Lost 90 -107

U11 Team: Tabitha, Alisha, Beatrice, Florence, Edward, Hunter, Monty and Miles

U10 Team: Mimosa, Harvey, Indya, Paul, Kit, George, Nemo, and Stephanie

U9 Team: Rafe, Felix, Katia, Bailey, Charlie, Freddie, India and Belle 

With a change of venue, a very late start and diving blocks to contend with our young swimming team had a lot to deal with prior to the actual gala. In typical Ashdown fashion the children dealt with it all! The warm-up raised a few issues regarding whether to dive from the blocks, the side or to start in the water as the shallow end was less deep than our own pool.

Once the gala began we covered ourselves in glory. We won several races and came very close in others. I am so proud of their endeavours, particularly the youngest ones for whom this was their first outing.

Grateful thanks to Mr Steel, Mr Taylor and all the Ashdown parents who came to support us in our first gala of this academic year!


Monday, 21 May 2018

Monday, 21st May

Swimming v St Ronan's

St Ronan’s A 81
Ashdown A   78
St Ronan’s B 71
Ashdown B   51

U13: Jack P, Ludo F, Zhangir A, Maria L, Nanaho M, Javier dH, Lachlan RB, Irene A
Under 12: Alex D, Jim W, Dahiru W, Alex R, Tom C, Kent H, Diego F, Nina S
Under 11: Giada F, Clara R, Tara P, Freddie RT, Toby T, Khalel A, Lucy L, Cristina FUnder 10: Alisha HP, Florence M, Kitty RR, Tabitha B, Harvey N, Monty D, Beatrice Y, Edward F

This was a gala which was swum in the very best fashion. The children were competitive; they supported their teams and applauded the winners of each race.

Mr Stanton, our starter and place judge, was extremely efficient, Mr Gloster ran the team in military fashion, but with empathy for the nerves of our newest recruits and Miss Lily was totally accurate in her scoring.

A massive 35 individual personal best times were beaten out of the 40 individual swims.

Special mention must go to Alisha HP and Alex D for winning their individual medley races; Dahiru W for winning his backstroke; Kitty RR and Tara P for winning their breaststroke; Jim W for winning his fly; and Alisha HP and Alex D for winning their frontcrawl. The U12 medley relay team and the U10 and U12 frontcrawl relays also covered themselves with glory!

What a super afternoon from all concerned!  PMc

Friday, 20 April 2018

Tuesday, 20th March

Inter-Patrol Swimming Gala
1.  102  Eles
2.    88  Kangs
3.    86  Hippos
4.    82  Rhinos

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Tuesday, 13th March

Swimming v Cottesmore
1,  90  Cottesmore A
2.  55  Ashdown A
3.  42  Cottesmore B
4.  25  Ashdown B

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thursday, 22nd February

Swimming v Cottesmore (U13, U12)
1.  62  Cottesmore A
2.  57  Ashdown A
3.  27  Cottesmore B
4.  23  Ashdown B

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tuesday, 23rd January

Swimming v Cottesmore (U11, U10, U9)
Cottesmore 87
Ashdown 56

Today, the juniors had a gala against a strong Cottesmore side. After a quick warm up, Ashdown were ready to perform.
Considering we have not had much preparation, Ashdown coped really well. There were some brilliant swims by Alisha and Toby. A special mention goes to the U11 squad. They had a spectacular win in their Freestyle relay and also in their individual events.
After a few exciting last races, we gathered around to hear the scores. Cottesmore beat us 87-56.

Thank you must also to Mr Duarte and Mr Koops for transporting us.  AdeH

Thursday, 07 December 2017

Thursday, 7th December
Swimming v Cottesmore (U13, U12)
1.  60  Ashdown A
2.  56  Cottesmore A
3.  22  Ashdown B
4.  19  Cottesmore B

The U13 and U12 squads enjoyed a closely fought afternoon in the Ashdown pool with the swimmers finishing within a couple of metres of each other. After 10 races there were only 4 points between the two teams.   It was neck and neck down to the last few races with Ashdown narrowly beating Cottesmore.  A needle match with some outstanding swimming and amazing team spirit by both sides.  Well done.  JR

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tuesday, 14th November

Swimming Gala v St Ronan's
We hosted a friendly, but lively Gala against St Ronan's with squads of Under 10s, U11s, U12s, U13s competing.. 

All the races were close in ability and time.  It was noticeable how our swimmers have improved over the Autumn Term.  After 20 races there were only two points between the two teams.   It was neck and neck down to the last few races and Ashdown was narrowly beaten into second place with 79 to St Ronans 81.  A close fought match with some outstanding swimming by both sides.  Well done.  JR

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tuesday, 14th November

Swimming v St Ronan's
1.  81  St Ronan's A
2.  79  Ashdown A
3.  72  St Ronan's B
4.  47  Ashdown B

Monday, 22 May 2017

Monday, 22nd May

Swimming v St Ronan's
A teams:
1.  110   Ashdown
2.  102   St Ronan's
B teams:
1.  48   St Ronan's
2.  38    Ashdown

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