Thursday, 09 June 2016

Thursday, 9th June

U11 Boys' Tennis v Brambletye

Won   8-1
We hosted neighbours Brambletye this evening for doubles tennis. The evening was glorious - warm, sunny and not a breath of wind. The scene was set for a perfect evening's tennis. The boys were all in fine spirits and played all of the matches competitively but fairly - I was very impressed with their manners and sportsmanship (as was their coach).

Josh and Carlos (our first seeded pair) won all of their matches and played exceptionally well; Gonzalo and Terhide (our second seeded pair) won all of their matches too and were particularly impressive against Brambletye's number one pair; whilst Charlie and Tolu won two of their three games and looked very solid on attack. The end result was a resounding 8 games to 1 win in our favour. Well done boys! I look forward to seeing how we go against Cumnor in a few week's time... RS


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Tuesday, 24th May
Tennis v Brambletye

U13 Mixed VI        Lost 2 - 7        
The U13 Mixed VI had a very good match at home to Brambletye, but ultimately fell short of a victory as Brambletye won 7 matches to 2.  Edouard and Gabi were our first pair, Arthur and Mila were second pair and Oscar and Carmen were third pair.
Arthur and Mila beat the Brambletye third pair, as did Edouard and Gabi.  Several matches were closer than the scores suggested.  Oscar and Carmen narrowly lost one match 4-3 and also lost 6-5 to the Brambletye third pair in their final match.  All our players improved throughout the evening and the matches were played in a very good spirit.  MH


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tennis v Cumnor House

U13 Mixed VI          Lost 2-7

Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday, 25th April

U/11 Girls' Tennis match vs Brambletye
We played our first tennis match of the term tonight and it was entertaining, competitive and thrilling to watch. We travelled up the road to play our neighbours, Brambletye, with rain looming on the hill.

The first few matches were played in sunshine and we thought that the weather was on our side until the last match of the evening - not only did it rain, but the children were pelted by hail! But not one child ran for cover or complained! They all continued to play the game in a healthy mixture of fun and competition. They were all fine ambassadors for the school. We won three matches and Brambletye won four matches.

The girls were delightful company and should be very happy with their first outing. The team consisted of: Felicity and Georgie, Elicia and Anastasia, Tallulah and Adel, and the final pair was Lily and Gabi.

Well done girls and all of the best for our next match.  RS


Thursday, 25 June 2015

U11 boys tennis vs Brambletye

Won 5-4
The under 11 boys travelled up the hill to play Brambletye in their very first tennis match ever! Roland and Arseniy won all three of their games - both played very well. Josh and Fedor won two out of three games, and this meant that we had already beaten our hosts... Theo and Henry lost their first two matches and we all poised to win their final match when the scores were level at 3 games each. Because Brambletye needed to finish early, they decided that the final set was to 4 games. The final set went to a deuce point - but unfortunately the pressure got the better of us, and lost then final set but as mentioned above, we won the day by 5 sets to 4. Well done boys on a great victory!  RS

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

U13 Mixed Doubles vs Brambletye
We travelled to our neighbours Brambletye on Tuesday afternoon to play mixed doubles tennis - a first for many of our players. Our 1st pair - Marcus and Elizabeth - played brilliantly. They won their matches against the 2nd and 3rd pair comfortably and were all set for a clean sweep but failed to capitalise on an early lead and lost narrowly to Brambletye's 1st pair 5-6. What a shame...we had the win in our grasps! The Harrison twins were entertaining and, although not winning a match, improved with every set. Well done on a spirited performance! Annabel and Dominic were the surprise paring, beating the 1st and 2nd pairs but then stumbling against the 3rd pair - a win against them would have sealed the victory but we again blew a comfortable lead (5-3) and lost the set 5-6 The end result was a narrow defeat 4 sets to 5. The children were terrific company and played the matches in a superb spirit - it was a very enjoyable afternoon.  RS

Monday, 11 May 2015

U13 Boys & Girls' Tennis v Windlesham House

U13 Boys' VI
Our U13 boys' VI played their first match of the term against a strong Windlesham team who had already played several fixtures.  Marcus and Dominic were our first pair, Xander and Charles were second pair and Etienne and Hugh third.  Although Windlesham proved too strong overall, our boys enjoyed the occasion, tried very hard and got better and better throughout their three sets.  The boys also enjoyed the rare opportunity of playing on two superb grass courts.

U13 Girls' VI
The girls put in a pleasing performance away at Windlesham.  Elizabeth and Annabel were first pair, Hermione and Marta second pair and Hitomi and Mila third.  The girls played some very good tennis and improved as the match went on, but the Windlesham girls were excellent and ran out comfortable winners.  Our girls played some fine shots at times and there were some keenly contested rallies, but the Windlesham girls showed a greater understanding of positional play around the court.  I am sure our girls will have learnt much from the occasion.  MH

Saturday, 09 May 2015

1st VI girls' tennis v Cottesmore

Won 9 - 0
A wonderful victory, but it was even more fun just to play a lovely set of matches in the sunshine. Every girl improved immensely as the matches continued. It was a joy to watch them learn how to play this fabulous game.

The pairs were:-

1 Hermione and Elizabeth
2. Annabel and Marta
3. Phoebe and Hitomi

The results were as follows

Ashdown 1 v Cottesmore 2   6-4
Ashdown 2 v Cottesmore 3   6-0
Ashdown 3 v Cottesmore 1 6-4
Ashdown 1 v Cottesmore 3 6-1
Ashdown 2 v Cottesmore 1 6-5
Ashdown 3 v Cottesmore 2 6-1
Ashdown 1 v Cottesmore 1 6-5
Ashdown 2 v Cottesmore 2 6-1
Ashdown 3 V Cottesmore 3 6-1


2nd girls' tennis VI v Cottesmore

U/13B Tennis vs Cottesmore

We hosted Cottesmore on Saturday afternoon to play three doubles teams. We were on fine form as we trounced our opponents. We won all of our games and Emily and Teagan, in particular, played very well and were highly entertaining to watch. They laughed and giggled whilst smashing away at the ball - a good combination of sportsmanship and competitiveness indeed! Well done to Mila and Frankie and Ana and Carmen for playing disciplined and exciting tennis too. Well done girls, and all of the best for your match on Monday evening at Windlesham.  RS